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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide sheet music?

No. Since we are embarking upon a project embracing the major solo works for each orchestral instrument, we felt this was unnecessary. Everyone has, or can easily obtain, the sheet music for the concertos that they wish to play. However, we do suggest performing editions on each CD – so you can buy these editions if you wish. This also helps us to keep costs down in what is, frankly, a very expensive and not terribly commercially sensible project!


Do Absent Soloists CDs contain a performance with the solo part?

Again, no. Virtually everyone has at least one CD of the concertos they are interested in playing themselves, recorded by the great soloist(s) of their choice. Absent Soloists CDs are intended as a tool to aid the development of instrumental technique, not to sit down and listen to. Again, this helps us to keep costs down and bring you Absent Soloists CDs at the lowest price we possibly can.


Which orchestra do you use?

We use The Pantheon Orchestra throughout. This is an orchestra specially hand-picked by Tony Halstead from the many great players with whom he has worked throughout his career. Tony Halstead has conducted all current Absent Soloists issues. The Pantheon Orchestra is an orchestra of soloists, conducted by a great soloist – so you can be assured that the performances on Absent Soloists CDs are idiomatic and absolutely first class.


How long will my Absent Soloists CDs take to reach me?

All CDs are sent out first class post on the day the order is received. Overseas orders are always sent first class air mail. So, if you are within the UK, your CD will probably arrive the next day. If you are not in the UK your CD will only take 2 or 3 days to reach you anywhere in the world.