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What applications do Absent Soloists CDs have?

Let’s say you are preparing for an examination or an audition - or maybe you are about to perform a concerto with an orchestra – how often do you get the chance of performing and rehearsing with a full orchestra, and for how long?

Usually it’s a couple of run-throughs at best.

You may be lucky enough to have a gifted rehearsal pianist at your disposal, always fully prepared and ready to work with you. Most of us do not, and we all know that even the best piano reductions are inevitably a compromise. By contrast you will find that rehearsing with an excellent full orchestra - whenever you want it - adds a completely new dimension to your experience.

With Absent Soloists CDs, you just snap your fingers and there is a full orchestra at your sole disposal, whenever you want it, wherever you want it…

Sounds good, eh? Just imagine how thrilling it will feel…

With Absent Soloists CDs you can really work hard on that concerto – because the orchestra is entirely under your control.

You can:

  • isolate tricky passages and repeat them many times
  • work on one movement for several weeks if you want
  • play the whole work through like a concert performance

All these things are possible and, as you use Absent Soloists CDs, they will radically improve your playing and give you many hours and many years of pleasure, fun - and hard work if you want it.

Just imagine how good it will feel as your playing gets better and better…


But wait – there’s more!


All Absent Soloists CDs contain performances at different tempos. These vary slightly between issues, but most CDs have 3 tempi:


  • Brisk – this is the tempo at which an international soloist might play the quick movements
  • Moderate – our chosen, appropriate tempo for the slow movements, and in the quick movements a good bit slower than Brisk but still at a credible, performance pace
  • Study –slower than Moderate, so you can really work on those tricky passages

Sounds even better, eh? Just wait ‘till you hear it, and experience the thrill of playing along with it…

And if you happen to be a brass player and have a Yamaha Silent Brass System, you can play Absent Soloists CDs through this system and play along with the orchestra, hearing yourself and the orchestra through the headphones without disturbing others around you. You can even play with a ‘full orchestra’ in a hotel room!