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My Alexander 103 it arrived today in Osaka. I send deepest greetings of respect and thanks for your wonderful horn.

Our unique FREE 3-year guarantee! PDF Print E-mail

You can buy with complete and utter confidence – because literally nothing can go wrong.

Every used horn that we sell comes with our full 3-year guarantee absolutely free of charge. Hard to believe – but it’s true!

All our horns are fully reconditioned before leaving our headquarters - in fact, they're 'Wiltshired' - and they will reach you – their delighted new owner – in absolutely tip-top playing order. And, with some reasonable and limited conditions, our guarantee ensures that they will stay that way for 3 full years at least – or we’ll completely recondition your horn again for you - absolutely free of charge.

Questions & answers:

Is this 3 year guarantee really absolutely free of charge?

Yes. This means that you will have no repair costs at all for 3 years from the date of purchase if something important ceases to work properly on your horn, subject to the simple exclusions detailed below.

What are these ‘simple exclusions?’

Our 3 year guarantee does not cover the following:

1 Consumables:
Valve cords and neoprenes – these wear in direct proportion to how much use your horn gets, just like tyres on a car. They are simple and inexpensive to replace yourself – typically less than £10 GBP to do all of them - and generally they do not need replacing more than once a year, usually far less than this.

Lacquer - lacquer wear varies from one person to another, depending upon the acidity of their perspiration and their general care of their horn.

2 Accidental and/or deliberate damage:
Clearly, no guarantee covers this!

OK – so what is covered?

Everything else! Literally everything: the rotors, the linkages, the levers, the springs, the rotor casings, the bearings, the slides, the water key(s), the stays, all the tubing, the bell, all soldering – everything else!

And what are the ‘conditions’?

Only that you look after your horn appropriately – lubricating it regularly in all necessary areas, particularly the rotors.

That’s all I have to do?

Yes. And you would obviously do that anyway. You can buy with complete and utter confidence – because literally nothing can go wrong.