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Hans Hoyer

The Hoyer family are amongst the oldest makers of brass instruments in Saxony (Vogtland), Germany. Forebears of Meister Hans Hoyer are first mentioned in the early 19th Century, and Hans Hoyer (of Klingenthal) was one of the great and innovative horn makers in the region.

250 years later, Hans Hoyer is part of the B & S Group, and produces master craftsman-made instruments benefiting from a cooperation with the world's leading horn players.

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1 Hoyer 6801 Heritage model - it's lovely...
2 Pre-92 Hoyer Meister - very fine full F/Bb double
3 Pre-92 Hans Hoyer Meister - full F/Bb double horn - in lovely condition
4 Pre-92 Hans Hoyer 'Meister' single Bb/A(+) with in-built F extension - a fantastic horn...
5 Hoyer 5802CK-AL - beautiful Geyer style F/Bb double
6 Pre-92 Hoyer F/Bb/(A+) compensating double - a lovely, yellow brass horn
7 Pre-92 Hoyer F/Bb/(A+) compensating double - a lovely, gold brass horn
8 Pre-92 Hans Hoyer F/Bb double, medium bell - a very fine horn
9 Hans Hoyer Bb/A(+) - absolutely lovely!
10 Hans Hoyer C13 full triple in F/Bb/Eb alto
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