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Pre-92 Hans Hoyer 'Meister' single Bb/A(+) with in-built F extension - a fantastic horn... PDF Print E-mail

These early Hans Hoyers are wonderful, handmade instruments.  But one very rarely comes across anything other than the full F/Bb doubles.  However, they also made comps and singles.  The instrument on offer here is the classic design - often attributed to Lorenzo Sansone - of a single Bb/A(+) horn, but with an in-built F extension, like Alexander's Model 97.

This horn is built in unlacquered yellow brass with a screw bell, and has mechanical action on all 5 valves.  Valve compression is spectacular - literally like new - and the horn plays just wonderfully.  The 'Meister' was their top-of-the-range model at the time, so this is truly a serious instrument for a discerning player.  I'm pretty much retired from playing now but, if I were still at it, this horn would be mine and you wouldn't even be reading about it...!