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Pre-92 Hoyer Meister - very fine full F/Bb double PDF Print E-mail

I've waxed lyrical about these fine, handmade horns on many occasions.

This specimen is an unlacquered, yellow brass, fixed medium bell full F/Bb double. It's in superb condition throughout, and has mechanical linkages. It's just been fully reconditioned, and plays superbly. The F/Bb change valve function is reversible on these horns, and the instrument comes in its original hard case (which is nothing to write home about, but perfectly okay and in very good condition).

This is a fully professional instrument in great condition - no thinning of the metal, no linkage wear, wonderful valve compression and hardly any blemishes at all.

These early, 100% handmade Hoyers always sell quickly, so don't hang around...