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Dear Alan,

Thank you very much for the talk and very good advice that you gave me on buying my new horn.

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Dear Alan,

The sound was exactly what I was looking for, the intonation was very good, and it was incredibly notchy and easy to play, with a great f-alto side.

Now, after about a week, I understand that it is more subtle to play, but also that it give me a lot more of possibility and colours (and it doesn't have so much resistance: it is more a matter of control of the air). My articulation is better than ever and my dynamic range is also greater than before. I play in a studio box in my apartment and yesterday my wife came to see if the door was closed!

I also begin to see the advantages of playing an instrument which needs less air.

But what impresses me the most of this horn is the sound: in every dynamic always incredibly warm, round and dark but always compact. I feel it is a "old" sound which has unfortunately almost disappeared (I would like to know why?) and impossible to obtain with the "new generation" of apparently more easy-to-play instruments. And this is really THE sound I was dreaming of.

I am still not very agile, especially in a loud dynamic, and sometimes I still want to put too much air in it, but it is getting every day better and I am only at the beginning of the discovery of a new world I thought was lost.

I thank you many, many times for providing me with this wonderful horn.

I wish you all the best.

Matteo Ravarelli
Bern Symphony Orchestra