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Hi Alan,

I got the horn today and it is great! It's very responsive and projects wonderfully, and has a great centered sound.

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hornsAplenty is THE place to buy your used, professional-quality French horn. We are the premier venue for used professional French horn sales in the world. Period.

Why is this?

Because -

We are world experts. We eat, sleep, walk, talk, dream French horns. We are experienced professional players, music graduates and passionate horn enthusiasts.

And -

Because we only deal with top quality, professional instruments manufactured by Paxman, Alexander, Schmid, Yamaha, Holton, Conn and a few others.

We have sold literally hundreds of horns to literally hundreds of delighted customers all over the globe, amateurs and professionals alike.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and the fine instruments we supply. We have NEVER had a customer complaint, an unsatisfied customer, or an instrument damaged in transit.


Some important things about

  • hornsAplenty is owned and run by Alan Wiltshire – one of the world’s best known classical record producers and also a freelance horn player.
  • We deal ONLY with used, professional French horns. Generally speaking this means Paxmans, Alexanders, Schmids, Yamahas, Conns, Holtons and a few other recherché instruments including the occasional natural and piston horns.
  • We are experts in everything horn-related and supply free advice of the very highest order about any aspect of the horn or horn playing, beginner to soloist – whether you buy a horn from us or not! Email your query to Alan Wiltshire now.
  • All our instruments are fully overhauled before despatch - in fact, they're 'Wiltshired' - and come to their proud, new owners in absolutely tip-top playing condition and with a full 3-year guarantee.

This means they will be:

  • dent free (unless the horn has any small, unimportant dents which do not affect playability and are located in a place whereby it would be more injurious to the horn to remove them than to leave them alone)
  • the valves will have been removed, overhauled, cleaned, lubricated and super-accurately aligned using magnification equipment - making them super-fast, slick, smooth and silent
  • the slides will be free-moving and lubricated
  • the valve-stops will be replaced with superior quality long-lasting neoprene
  • the instrument will be re-strung using the finest dual-cored anti-breakage string (if it has a string action)
  • the instrument will have been cleaned internally and externally using appropriate specialist chemicals and high pressure equipment to ensure that any deposits have been flushed out and the tubing bore is therefore exactly as it should be throughout the length of the instrument
  • all linkages, bearings, ball-joints, springs etc will have been expertly aligned and lubricated
  • and finally, your new horn will have been 'Wiltshired' - and tested by Alan Wiltshire...

What is the effect of all this?

It means that your new horn will be every bit as good as it was when it was new – and almost certainly much better. Believe us, it will play like a dream…

BUT - it will cost much less!