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Paxman Academy full double intermediate horn PDF Print E-mail

Paxman Academy full F/Bb double horn

This is a very fine intermediate horn in super condition (a few mute dings only). Like most Paxmen (my plural), it's a classic medium-belled Geyer copy with exactly the characteristic ease of blowing and centred sound one would expect.

A perfect horn for the serious improver or advanced amateur. It's a joy to play.


As-new Paxman 25 Europa - oooh...! PDF Print E-mail

Paxman Model 25ET

This is an absolutely lovely instrument which incorporates Paxman's unique, radical and famous 'Dual Bore' system, giving every note equal resistance, whichever side of the horn you play it on.  It's fiendishly clever!

No expense was spared when this was ordered: it's got virtually every optional extra available - titanium rotors (one of the last sets made), lacquer (99% intact), and a screw bell. A Paxman volcano-shaped backpack case, also in very good order, is included.

And it's got a Europa bell - very rare on a used Paxman because of its comparatively recent introduction and the fact that players hardly ever sell them because they sound so gorgeous. The Europa bell is the classic Geyer size and taper - a little bigger than a medium, so it's a medium-large - and is exactly suited to the Geyer style of Paxman horns.  It makes a glorious warm, noble, mellow sound.

This is a fully-loaded, top quality professional F/Bb full double horn in (virtually) as-new condition. The combination of dual bore, titanium rotors and a Europa bell is simply marvellous..!



Early Paxman Model 40 descant horn PDF Print E-mail

This is an early Merewether-designed handmade Paxman Model 40 full double descant horn in Bb/A(+)/F alto.

It's the model everyone wants (with the kidney-shaped tubing) and it's in super condition. There is missing lacquer, but that's about it. General condition is excellent. As soon as you blow one of these you'll know why people go so crazy for them. And this one doesn't disappoint...


Utterly, utterly lovely vintage Paxman double... PDF Print E-mail

This is a rare and exquisite instrument:  a lacquered, gold brass, handmade 'pre-Model 20' prototype in pristine condition. It's a full F/Bb double in the classic Geyer style. It comes in its original case, also in great condition.

This is a 100% hand-crafted instrument, bench-made by a master-craftsman. It plays like velvet and it sounds like chocolate...

YAMAHA 567 - high quality intermediate horn PDF Print E-mail

These fine instruments need no introduction.  One of the very best student F/Bb full doubles on the market, they are lightweight, responsive, and easy to play. This is a classic Geyer copy, in lacquered yellow brass with a fixed medium bell. There are a few minor, cosmetic mute dings but that's about it - lacquer is mostly intact - so the horn looks really nice. It comes in its original hard, black Yamaha case (also in great condition) and with our usual package - fully reconditioned with a full 3-year guarantee (and a mouthpiece if you want one?).


Vintage Alexander 103 - a beauty... PDF Print E-mail


Fresh from the workshop and ready to go is this lovely vintage 103.

It's a yellow brass, unlacquered, fixed-bell horn from the handmade days (late 50s/early 60s I'd guess) and it's had a high quality valve job and has awesome compression.  The body is pretty much flawless.

It plays like silk and sounds like velvet...


Early GOLD BRASS handmade Paxman 20L in fab condition PDF Print E-mail

This is an absolutely exquisite horn.

It comes from Paxman's golden era (1970s) when everything was handmade. Professionally used and maintained regardless of cost, this wonderful horn is in almost new condition and plays sublimely.

It's a lacquered, gold brass horn (lacquer circa 90% intact).

Someone's gonna be thrilled with this...


Hoyer 6801 Heritage model - it's lovely... PDF Print E-mail

This is a Hans Hoyer 6801 Heritage model - a fine, handmade, top-of-the-range Kruspe-style horn in lacquered nickel-silver. It's in great condition, with just the odd superficial cosmetic blemish.

There are many copies of Kruspe's classic design - Conn's 8D, Yamaha's 668, Holton's H188 - and these beautifully finished and lovely-to-play Hoyers. Innovative valve design improves lubrication and the valves do indeed move very quickly, smoothly and silently.

This is a professional instrument in excellent condition.  Makes that BIG Hollywood sound...


HF Knopf full F/Bb double PDF Print E-mail

Please see my remarks in this link:

They apply exactly to this identical horn.


Alexander 503 PDF Print E-mail

These don't appear often on the used market. More's the pity since they're really fine horns. Marketed by Alexander as an 'intermediate' instrument, they're anything but. They play, feel and sound every bit as good as their 'professional' counterpart, the Model 1103, to which they're very similar indeed. This is a medium-belled, Geyer wrap instrument. So it's comparable to any medium-belled Paxman, Yamaha's 667 and 667V - in fact, to any classic Geyer style horn.

There's some missing lacquer and a few little blemishes here and there on this horn - this is cosmetic only and has no affect on how the horn feels, sounds or plays. Nothing of any consequence at all.

This is a fine, inexpensive full F/Bb double horn. Will suit a serious improver, amateur or young professional.


Elkhart Conn 6D PDF Print E-mail

Elkhart Conn 6D

This is a very nice horn - plays really well.

It's a Kruspe wrap horn but with a medium bell. So it sounds pretty much like any other quality, medium-belled horn. It's light, and nimble, and a joy to play.

When buying a Conn, everyone always wants an Elkhart. And this lovely horn does not disappoint...


Paxman descant prototype - "Pre-Model 40" PDF Print E-mail

Paxman Bb/A(+)/F alto full double descant horn

This is extremely rare and part of horn history.

It's a 100% handmade Paxman Model 40 prototype. This is the golden-era design that everyone wants - and it's hardly been used. Merewether himself will have worked on this horn. If it didn't play so well, and wasn't in such good condition, I'd say it should be in a museum, such is its pedigree and significance in terms of horn design. (This was the first successful double descant horn that Merewether designed and many feel he got it right first time. It was a design landmark: because of the wonderfully clever split leadpipe system - with a valve in the middle - it became possible for the first time to make a double descant horn.)

But it would not be right to consign this fine instrument to a museum - it should be played. It's as playable now as it was when it was new. This is an absolutely top quality professional instrument.

Someone's gonna be so very pleased with this...


Gerhard Schneider Alexander 103 copy in great condition PDF Print E-mail

There's almost a cult following for these very fine rare horns.  A blatant copy of Alexander's flagship Model 103, they play very well indeed and sound just like a 103.  This one is no exception and it's in really good condition - not been used very much at all.  It's silver-plated and comes with its original (tatty) case.

There are a couple of other 103 copies out there but the Schneider is by far the best - as close as you'll get to a 103 without the big bucks.  A really nice horn!


Paxman Series II - fab intermediate F/Bb full double PDF Print E-mail

Please see this link:

The newly-arrived horn is identical to this.


Original Kruspe F/Bb double from 1999 - a very fine horn in superb condition PDF Print E-mail

A rare horn:  this is an original Kruspe, but a late one - from 1999, during Kruspe's second manufacturing period.  Alas, they have closed again and this time forever, I'm told.  So there's only a finite number of these horns out there.

It's ironically just like an 8D - the most successful of its patented predecessor's copies - except that it's much better made.  Really well made, like an early handmade Paxman.  Indeed, if it were in the Geyer wrap it would be just like an early Paxman 20XL - a top quality, handmade instrument used in the London Symphony Orchestra during the 70s.  This horn is every bit as good.  It's got that solid, slightly heavy, 'expensive' feel to it...

This is an unlacquered (but shiny) nickel-silver horn.  Condition is excellent. There are a couple of tiny dings, but hardly anything at all - almost as-new condition.  Screw bell, volcano-shaped case (in black - also in good condition).

It's got a wicked little gadget, too:  a water key operated by the thumb.  Works a treat.  Never seen that before.

This is a very fine professional instrument for those who want to make that BIG Hollywood sound. Generally you guys would be thinking Elkhart 8D, Paxman 25A, Yamaha 668V, original Kruspe from the year dot...  Now, think original Kruspe from 1999...


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