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Conn 6D - medium-belled Kruspe style intermediate full F/Bb double PDF Print E-mail


The Conn 6D is an intermediate quality (ie, better than 'student' or 'educational' but not fully professional) full F/Bb double horn.  It has a medium bell, something somewhat unusual in a Kruspe wrap instrument.  These are very good horns, and incredible value for money. Often compared in quality terms with the Yamaha 567 and the Holton H378, they're a good deal better than either.

This horn is in lacquered yellow brass with a fixed bell.  Apart from the obligatory few cosmetic dings and scratches (and 2 small areas where solder has been removed on the back of the horn to take a PipStick holder off), it's in very good condition with around 90% of the lacquer intact.  It's been fully reconditioned, and comes with our standard full 3-year guarantee.  It comes in a hard, black case in good condition.

These are great horns for the serious, improving student - wish I'd had one when I was learning!


Pre-92 Hoyer F/Bb/(A+) compensating double - a lovely, yellow brass horn PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailNewly arrived is this unlacquered yellow brass Pre-92 Hans Hoyer compensating F/Bb double with A/stopping valve - virtually identical to the very recent gold brass horn detailed elsewhere on the site but now sold.

This is a very fine, 100% handmade instrument, and it plays superbly. It's a 'Meister' - their top-of-the-range model. Valve compression is awesome - it's hardly been used - and, apart from a few superficial blemishes (the usual odd tiny ding or scratch etc), it's in superb condition cosmetically as well as mechanically. It's got string action on the 3 finger valves and mechanical action on the thumb valves. A screw bell is fitted.

The horn has, of course, been fully reconditioned and, apart from the tiny blemishes mentioned above, is functionally in (almost) as-new condition.

A very fine horn for a(nother) discerning player. The previous gold brass Meister like this sold within a couple of days of going up on the site, so do be quick if this is of interest...

Post-85 (ie, current model) Paxman 40M full double descant horn in gold brass with titanium rotors - wow! PDF Print E-mail


This is one of the current Paxman Model 40M Bb/A(+)/F alto full double descant horns which, as well as having 2 differing leadpipe tapers for each side of the horn, also has a section of differing bell taper for the F alto horn.

Please contact Alan Wiltshire ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for a full explanation.

The horn is made in lacquered gold brass and has a medium screw bell.  There are a few minor imperfections - the odd scratch, tiny ding, bits of missing lacquer etc - but generally the horn is in very good cosmetic condition.  Playing-wise, it's in excellent condition with fantastic valve compression and titanium rotors.  It's fitted with mechanical linkages on all valves except the Bb/F alto change valve, on which string action is the only option.

Professionally owned from new, this is a very fine instrument for a discerning player.  It comes, fully reconditioned and 'Wiltshired,' with our standard full 3-year guarantee and a volcano-shaped hard back-pack case in good condition.


1960s vintage 103 - ooh! PDF Print E-mail

This is one of those highly sought-after 1960s 103s that everyone talks about.  It's not in perfect condition cosmetically - some evidence of dent removal, the odd little ding here and there, some surface scratches - but, in playing terms, it is perfect:  valve compression is awesome, the slides are airtight and free-moving, and it plays just beautifully.  I'll say it again:  BEAUTIFULLY!  It makes a lovely, dark, warm sound (for an Alex - generally agreed to be the brightest-sounding of horns), and has none of that 'awkwardness' that many of these otherwise fine instruments sometimes have.  Fresh from our workshop and now fully reconditioned, it's ready to join its new owner.

This will sell quickly, so get in touch straightaway if it's what you're looking for...


Yamaha 567 - intermediate Geyer style double PDF Print E-mail


Newly arrived is this Yamaha 567 student (or intermediate) full F/Bb double horn.  It's a Geyer style horn with a medium bell - so it makes a bright, perky 'European' sound, favoured by many UK players and teachers - and the lacquer is mostly intact.  There are some slight, cosmetic blemishes - some tiny mute dents on the flare, and evidence of minor dent removal underneath the bell tail - but the general condition is very good and of course, these superficial marks in no way affect how the horn sounds or plays.  In fact, it plays very well indeed and one can immediately appreciate why so many teachers recommend these fine instruments for advanced students and why these fine, lightweight horns are thought by many players to be the best student instrument on the market.  Indeed, some professional players use them.

Because of these factors, 567s always sell immediately so, if you're interested, do act quickly to avoid disappointment.


Orsi single F horn - plays peculiarly well... PDF Print E-mail


We don't normally sell single F horns but this one, which we took in part-exchange, plays so peculiarly well that I thought we'd make an exception.  It will suit someone who wants a single F horn to practise on (maybe do the Farkas warm-up, for example) or perhaps a beginner.  It's not a posh instrument - it's an Orsi, an Italian student horn - but it's amazingly notchy and secure, and has a lovely, warm sound by virtue of its large-throated bell.  It's in unlacquered yellow brass, and - it must be said - it's pretty tatty: lots of little dings and scratches, evidence of dent removal and various superficial blemishes.  However, none of these affect how it plays or sounds - it's a really nice, free-blowing horn with a dark, warm, beautiful sound and mechanical action on all valves.  Ideal for an advanced amateur (or professional) to practise on, or for a talented beginner.  No case, but we can supply one cheaply, at cost.

And it's not expensive...

Right-handed Alexander 1103 - full F/Bb double, Geyer style PDF Print E-mail


Very, very rarely one comes across a right-handed horn.  These are always built specially for a player with some kind of disability, and sometimes feauture modifications other than the hand reversal.  This horn has an unusual leadpipe position and a 4th lever replaces the thumb trigger to change between F and Bb.  This is operated by the index finger, with fingers 2, 3 and the pinky operating the 1st, 2nd and 3rd valves.  So it's likely to require further modification for its next owner.  This will be no problem - anything is possible - but there will be a cost associated, obviously, and this will depend on what's required.  Please contact Alan Wiltshire to discuss your requirements, should this horn be of interest.

Otherwise, the horn is a straightforward 1103 - a lovely, free-blowing instrument which still retains that Alex sound and presence.  It plays beautifully (as far as I can tell!), and is in very good condition generally, with just the odd blemish here and there.  It's made in lacquered yellow brass, has a screw bell and has been used professionally from new.

We're very pleased to be able to offer this horn which may offer a way forwards for a disabled person who otherwise may not be able to play our fine instrument, the King of the Orchestra.


Pre-92 Hoyer F/Bb/(A+) compensating double - a lovely, gold brass horn PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailI'm always waxing lyrical about these wonderful, handmade horns.  This one does not disappoint.  In unlacquered gold brass with a screw bell, this fine instrument plays superbly and has the advantage of a hand-stopping valve.  It's in lovely condition and comes with a hard case, also in great condition.  A top quality, professional instrument for the discerning player...


Lovely Yamaha 667D - Geyer style double with screw bell PDF Print E-mail


A really nice Yamaha 667 with screw bell, lacquered, and in almost as-new condition.  Comes with a luxury flat Yamaha case of the sort normally provided with the 667V Series Custom horns.

Fitted with a medium bell, this horn plays beautifully, making a bright, perky, European sound.  Ideal for the advanced amateur, serious student or pro player looking for a medium-belled professional quality instrument at around half the price of a good, used Paxman.


Paxman 25L PDF Print E-mail

Newly arrived is this lovely Paxman 25L full double horn in F/Bb in lacquered yellow brass, with fixed bell and hard case.

It's got some superficial blemishes - cosmetic only - and some missing lacquer, mostly inside the bell flare, but otherwise it's in very nice condition.  In playing terms it's in perfect condition, and plays superbly, as they all do.

This is a dual bore horn (email for more info) and will make someone very happy...


Pre-92 Hans Hoyer F/Bb double, medium bell - a very fine horn PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailI've gone on about these wonderful horns many times elsewhere on the site, so I won't repeat myself here.  Suffice it to say that this is a lovely, free-blowing medium-belled full F/Bb double.  It's a professional model, 100% handmade, is in very good condition, and plays superbly.  In unlacquered yellow brass, with a fixed bell and mechanical action on all 4 valves.  Comes in a black Paxman-style hard case.


Nice Alexander 103 PDF Print E-mail

This is a very nice 103 in lacquered yellow brass with a fixed bell - the classic combination.  It's in excellent condition generally - shown before we've reconditioned it, including dent removal - and valve compression is awesome.  It's got fully mechanical action on all 4 valves - also very nice to have - and, apart from the odd bit of missing lacquer and scratch, it's in great condition. 

We're just about to fully recondition it, so it'll be playing like new in a couple of days, and ready to go...

Comes with an Alexander 'crocodile' case with shoulder strap - kinda funky!


Alexander 310 - full triple, in lovely condition and playing superbly PDF Print E-mail

This is THE classic triple horn. 

Made in lacquered yellow brass and with a screw bell, this fine instrument is also fitted with an adjustable pinky hook and duck's foot/flipper.  These help in holding, and in balancing the weight equally, so important with a heavy horn.  It's got the true Alex sound, of course - bright, heroic, European;  and it plays truly superbly on all 3 horns, and in all registers.  There are a couple of tiny blemishes (and I do mean TINY) but otherwise, cosmetic condition is excellent and playing condition, including all linkages, string and mechanical, and compression on all valves, is literally perfect.  Good as new.  Some would say better.

If you're serious about your playing, this could be for you...


Yamaha 667 - F/Bb Geyer style full double PDF Print E-mail


This is a very nice, Geyer style F/Bb double in lacquered yellow brass with a fixed bell.  These are well known, reliable instruments and they play very well and very easily.  Left hand set-up is comfortable for the smaller hand, and the horn is delightfully lightweight.  In very nice condition generally, although it does show some evidence of minor dent removal.  However, it's in perfect condition playing-wise, and still cosmetically beautiful, as the picture shows (I hope!).


Beautiful, as-new Holton H288 - F/Bb Kruspe-style full double PDF Print E-mail


This lovely horn is around 2 years old, and literally as-new.  It's got a screw bell and has had a duck's foot fitted.  It has a spectacularly beautiful, unmarked mirror finish, in lacquered nickel-silver.  This is a big-belled, Kruspe style horn, making that BIG, 'Hollywood' sound.

If it's what you're looking for, snap it up because it won't be here long...


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