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Alexander 104 in good condition PDF Print E-mail


This is a very fine playing horn indeed.

It does feel a little unbalanced in the hands (a tendecy to tip backwards or forwards), but this is the last thing you need to worry about.  It's an incredibly secure, notchy horn with a high register to die for;  the mid register legato is lovely, and the low register also super.  This is the hand-stopping version of the Model 103 - Alexander's famous full double - and so sounds exactly like a 103. 

It's in lacquered gold brass with a screw bell.  There is some missing lacquer in the usual places, and currently a few dents (which will be removed during preparation, obviously) but these things apart, the horn is in good overall condition as can be seen in the pic.

It comes in a hard, crocodile-effect briefcase-shaped Alexander case, also in good condition.

Very useful to have that double stopping valve, gentlemen...


Coming soon... PDF Print E-mail


Alexander 1103 in good condition PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailThis is the Geyer-style version of the famous 103. 

These fine horns sound exactly like a 103, but are more free-blowing and slightly less 'awkward' to play.  This one is in lacquered yellow brass with a fixed bell.  The lacquer is 99% intact, and there are virtually no blemishes.  The valves are highly airtight - the horn hasn't been used much at all - and the slightly flat high register and slightly sharp low register which 103s are famed for is absent.  The high register is slotted and secure, the mid-register legato is lovely, and the low register is fat and meaty.  It makes the bright, heroic sound that all Alexanders make, and it's ready to go.  What more can a guy want?




Lovely early Paxman Bb/A(+) single in gold brass PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailThis truly beautiful instrument plays like a dream.  It comes from the days when Paxman horns were 100% handmade - this one in unlacquered gold brass - and doesn't it ever show!  Every note is in its dead right place, intonation is superb, and it plays smoothly and flawlessly across all registers.  There's a detachable F extension, and it all comes in the original, slimline Paxman case.  This fine horn will make a discerning player very happy indeed...




Paxman 80M - compensating triple - in very good condition PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailThis wonderful instrument comes from the days when Paxman horns were 100% handmade.  The second you play it, you can tell why these instruments are so fiercely sought-after:  it's got a full and warm sound (unusually warm, given the medium bell), every note is in its right place, intonation is superb on all 3 horns, and changing between them is seamless.  Obviously, it's not a lightweight instrument and, if you're looking at buying one of these, you'll be aware of these and other issues;  that said, it's not over-heavy (nowhere near as heavy as a full triple) and is simply perfect for orchestral use.  It's a joy to play.

Used by a retiring top professional player throughout its life, it's now ready for its next home...


Holton H179 in silver plate - lovely! PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailThis is a traditional, Kruspe-style horn from Holton.  It's a fully professional instrument, and in lovely, almost-new condition - almost blemish-free.  Unusually, it's silver plated.  It will come fully reconditioned - not that it needs hardly anything done to it - and with our standard, full 3-year guarantee and a hard case in good condition.

It plays beautifully, makes that lovely, dark 'Hollywood' sound and will last its new owner a lifetime.

And it's priced to sell...




Hoyer 5803K - full F/Bb double with double stopping valve PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailThis is a fine-playing orchestral workhorse.  Made in gold brass, and with a beautiful coat of laquer, this horn is free-blowing and warm-sounding.  The stopping valve will help with awkward transpositions (and hand-stopping, of course) and the lightweight construction offsets the inevitable additional weight of the stopping valve mechanism.  All in all this is a beautifully balanced and elegant instrument, ideal for all work but perhaps especially suited to an orchestral life.

A lovely horn.




Hoyer single F alto - 100% handmade - wow! PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailThis is an absolutely beautiful - I'll say it again - absolutely beautiful - 100% handmade single F alto descant horn with an in-built intonation-adjusting thumb valve.

It's made in gold brass, with a fixed bell, and is lacquered.  Condition is virtually perfect - no blemishes that I can see, anyway.

It's plays just fabulously.  If you're a high player and want to be a superstar in that Brandenburg One or Quoniam or whatever, this is the horn for you.  One only, and unrepeatable, so don't mess about...




Hans Hoyer compensating triple in F/Bb/F alto (ex-demo) PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailI'm repeating myself, I know, but this wonderful horn plays and sounds just like an Engelbert Schmid - again, enough said.


PS:  Anyone notice the 'deliberate' mistake, corrected at 20-05 today, Friday June 26th?  If so, send me an email and tell me what it was and you may win a free Absent Soloists CD...!  SORRY - COMPETITION NOW CLOSED;  BUT WATCH OUT FOR OUR FORTHCOMING COMPETITION...

Hans Hoyer full double - Model 5802CK - new! PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailThis beautiful instrument sounds and plays almost exactly like an Engelbert Schmid - enough said.


STOP PRESS!!! Arriving soon: Paxman Series II and Holton H179... PDF Print E-mail

Full details and pic soon...


But yellow brass, lacquered, screw bell, nice case, medium bell, excellent overall condition.

Holton H279 - full F/Bb double, Kruspe style, in superb condition PDF Print E-mail

ThumbnailThis is a lovely, free-blowing horn.

It's a Kruspe style instrument - like the Conn 8D or Yamaha 668 - and so it makes that BIG, 'Hollywood' sound.  It's in almost as-new condition - there's hardly a blemish on it - and, of course, it plays beautifully.  It comes with a hard, black, flat case (which is a little battered, but perfectly functional) and our standard full recon and 3-year guarantee.

And it's priced to sell...


Alexander single - tatty but fab! PDF Print E-mail
ThumbnailThis is Alexander's famous single Bb/A(+) horn but, in this version, with an in-built F extension.  So it's a Model 97.


The horn is tatty-looking but plays superbly and will continue to do so for many years.  It will be fully reconditioned before delivery, and we can remove the lacquer remnants FOC if required.  Our usual full 3-year warranty applies, and the horn comes with a hard case.

The horn is in lacquered gold brass (but with much lacquer wear and discolouration) and has a fixed bell.


Yamaha Custom 863 - CF Schmidt copy PDF Print E-mail
ThumbnailThis is a rare and wonderful instrument:  a very high quality 'Weimar' CF Schmidt copy.

The piston thumb valve is not popular with many people, but once you've experienced the acoustically superior manner in which it works, you may become a convert.  It is a little awkward to operate on some Schmidt copies, but this one is fitted with a duck's foot/flipper, so this problem is absent.  This is a 'Custom' Yamaha - so pretty much entirely handmade, and to special order when new - and so it's a top professional quality instrument.  It's superbly engineered, beautifully finished, and in virtually as-new condition.

And it's a joy to play.  Both sides of the instrument function superbly, and the change between the two sides of the horn is just wonderful.

Go and find another one of these for sale - or don't!


Paxman 25A in nice condition PDF Print E-mail
ThumbnailThis is a lovely, yellow brass Paxman 25A in very good condition.  It's lacquered - and the lacquer is virtually flawless - and it's got a screw bell.


This is Paxman's famous 'dual bore' horn (email me for explanation if you need one) and it plays just like you'd expect - seamlessly, easily and freely.  All the notes are in their right places, of course, and the sound is just beautiful:  this horn has a 'New World' or 'American' bell - Paxman's largest current offering - and so makes that BIG, 'Hollywood' sound.  Of course, Paxman valves are highly airtight so it's got a fabulous high register;  the mid register is full and fluid and the low register is fat and meaty.

It's a wonderful horn in excellent condition.


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