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Paxman Series II - fab intermediate F/Bb full double PDF Print E-mail

Please see this link:

The newly-arrived horn is identical to this.


Original Kruspe F/Bb double from 1999 - a very fine horn in superb condition PDF Print E-mail

A rare horn:  this is an original Kruspe, but a late one - from 1999, during Kruspe's second manufacturing period.  Alas, they have closed again and this time forever, I'm told.  So there's only a finite number of these horns out there.

It's ironically just like an 8D - the most successful of its patented predecessor's copies - except that it's much better made.  Really well made, like an early handmade Paxman.  Indeed, if it were in the Geyer wrap it would be just like an early Paxman 20XL - a top quality, handmade instrument used in the London Symphony Orchestra during the 70s.  This horn is every bit as good.  It's got that solid, slightly heavy, 'expensive' feel to it...

This is an unlacquered (but shiny) nickel-silver horn.  Condition is excellent. There are a couple of tiny dings, but hardly anything at all - almost as-new condition.  Screw bell, volcano-shaped case (in black - also in good condition).

It's got a wicked little gadget, too:  a water key operated by the thumb.  Works a treat.  Never seen that before.

This is a very fine professional instrument for those who want to make that BIG Hollywood sound. Generally you guys would be thinking Elkhart 8D, Paxman 25A, Yamaha 668V, original Kruspe from the year dot...  Now, think original Kruspe from 1999...


Very unusual and fab HF Knopf compensating F/Bb double - it's LOVELY... PDF Print E-mail

This is the first one of these I've come across. Many of us will be familiar with the Lidl comps in the same peculiar wrap. This very fine instrument plays nothing like them, I can tell you! It's a proper, handmade, professional compensating F/Bb double from a bygone and wonderful era in the manufacturing history and culture of our noble instrument.

Check out the Haitink/Concertgebouw Wagner, Mahler and Bruckner CDs from the 1980s. The whole section were using HF Knopf comps. The sound is simply exquisite. It's warm and a little darker than the average medium-belled horn - this is more of a medium-large bell, like a Paxman Europa. A truly gorgeous sound.

It's a gold brass horn - so it's a lovely copper colour - and it comes with the original case. This is in good condition but it's not protective and I would advise the new owner to replace it. We can supply a high quality new case inexpensively.

If I wasn't retired from playing this horn would be mine!


Original Brno Lidl in spectacular condition PDF Print E-mail


Here's a rarity: the ubiquitous Lidl full double so many of us learned on, but in absolutely pristine condition. Truly, it's like new. Even the case is like new, inside and out.

The horn is silver-plated and comes with an Eb crook.

This is going to be a wonderful bargain for someone...


Early Alexander Bb/A(+)/F alto descant in spectacular condition PDF Print E-mail

A lovely, early handmade Alexander descant in almost as-new condition. This is a Bb/A(+)/F alto horn. Clearly, it's been fully restored and relacquered. Of course, it plays superbly. Comes with the original case which works fine, despite its age.

This is a rarity gentlemen: snap it up!


Paxman Model 33M - compensating F/Bb double with stopping valve PDF Print E-mail

A lovely Paxman compensating F/Bb double horn with a hand-stopping valve. This horn plays like new and looks pretty much like new as well - very good overall condition with hardly any missing lacquer or blemishes. It's a yellow brass lacquered horn with a screw bell and will be supplied with a new volcano-shaped case.

Professional compensating horns are comparatively rare and, when you blow this, it is very difficult to understand why. It plays just fabulously - every bit as well as any Paxman F/Bb double, comp or full - and it's so delightfully lightweight to hold.  As used by the great Michael Thompson...



Yamaha Vienna horn is as-new condition - Model YHR 801 PDF Print E-mail

Occasionally we're asked for used Vienna horns but it's rare we have any. However, we do have one now: this is a Yamaha Model YHR 801, as used in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It's the real McCoy.

Condition is as-new. It's an unlacquered yellow brass horn with a screw bell and a wide nickel-silver garland which is beautifully engraved. This is a handmade instrument at the very top of the market in terms of quality. It comes in a Yamaha luxury case, also in as-new condition.


Very fine Elkhart 8D PDF Print E-mail

This is one of those old 8Ds that shouts "LA session guys, Vince DeRosa, Jim Thatcher..."

It's absolutely fantastic! Around half the lacquer is missing so the finish is pretty varied. But I didn't have the heart to remove it because it didn't seem right! (We can remove lacquer remnants from any horn for a modest charge.)

It's got a few blemishes here and there but nothing much. Apart from the general finesse of materials and workmanship - these were handmade horns - the valves have been expertly replated with nickel, the best and most expensive option. Lots of these LA session guys have this done to their 8Ds because they want a great high register, which making the valves as airtight as possible helps with. They want the sound, and the feel, of a handmade 8D, but the high register of a Paxman. And that's what this wonderful horn has.

A joy to play, this is something for the 8D cognoscenti (I could have said Conngnoscenti, I s'pose!).

It comes from a top player who has newly retired and whose instruments we are selling for him. This horn has played in every top venue in the world. It's a pre-letter 300 series from 1951 and it's so classy it makes you drool...


Paxman 23E - Europa bell - in great condition PDF Print E-mail

These very fine horns rarely appear on the used market, by virtue of both the model and bell size being comparatively recent offerings from Paxman.

The Model 23 is famed for its flowing curves and innovative design which employs the same airflow direction on both sides of the horn - it's a fantastic instrument!

And the Europa bell is the classic Geyer style bell - a large medium, also called a medium-large.  So this fine horn still sounds bright and perky, but there's a warmth and slight darkness to the sound which is enthralling...

This is a lacquered, yellow brass full F/Bb double horn with a screw bell.  Lacquer is in great condition - 90%+ intact - and so is the horn in general.  There are some slight blemishes in the bell throat - mute marks - and the odd, tiny blemish here and there, but hardly anything at all.  It looks like a 2-year-old horn which has been well looked after.  Comes in a Paxman backpack-style, coffin-shaped case.

These are seriously popular horns, so be quick if you're interested...


Willson single Bb/A(+) - a rare, extremely high quality horn PDF Print E-mail

This is a rare bird indeed:  a Willson single Bb/A(+). It was built in 2006 but has had virtually no use at all. Apart from a tiny, superficial blemish on the bell spout, the horn is in as-new condition. It's a lacquered yellow brass horn with a screw bell and garland.

This is a professional instrument of fantastic quality. Every bit as good as any Alexander Model 90 or Paxman Bb/A(+), this is a handmade, classy, recherché horn.

If you're looking at this you'll know all about the use of single Bb/A(+) horns, so I won't go on about it here. Suffice it to say that, if you were considering an Alex or Paxman single, you really should give this some thought...


Paxman 20L in nickel-silver - a lovely horn... PDF Print E-mail

This is a very fine and very lovely horn.

It's a Model 20L, and it's an early one. It shreaks Quality!

It's in lacquered nickel-silver (lacquer around 90% intact) and has a screw bell. There are the usual little blemishes here and there, but nothing much at all. General condition is excellent. It plays superbly, of course. And the sound revives wilted flowers...


See below:

Since writing the above, we've begun reconditioning this horn and I was so struck with its internal condition I took this pic. Clean, bare metal everywhere - inside and out...

Holton H280 full F/Bb double - Tuckwell used one of these... PDF Print E-mail

This is a classic Kruspe-style big-belled horn in yellow brass with a screw bell. The horn is lacquered, and in excellent shape, with the odd superficial blemish.  Functionally, condition is perfect. It plays superbly.

And if you haven't noticed in the header, Tuckwell used one of these - off the shelf (i.e., no modification):  check out the Mozart Concerti on EMI with Marriner. He's making a BIG sound...


Herbert Fritz Knopf full double - for many players, the Holy Grail... PDF Print E-mail

This is a truly wonderful horn: handmade in Markneukirchen - legendary home of German brass instrument manufacture for hundreds of years - and copied by Carl Geyer. In fact, Geyer trained with the Knopf brothers before relocating to Chicago and launching what was to become known as the 'Geyer wrap.' In truth, it started off with the Knopf brothers and is often referred to as the 'Knopf/Geyer wrap.' But really, it should be the 'Knopf wrap.' So this is the real McCoy. It plays like a Geyer original or a Rauch and the sound is just the absolute best!  Check out the Haitink/Amsterdam Concertgebouw Wagner, Mahler and Bruckner CDs from the 1980s...

Made in unlacquered yellow brass, the horn is in excellent condition. There are minor cosmetic blemishes - the horn will be over 50 years old. But the fabric of the metal, the valves and linkages, the bell and slides - everything, in fact - is in excellent condition and the horn is ideal for everyday professional use at the highest level.

I'm retired from playing now. But if I wasn't, this horn would be mine! It plays just sublimely.  I'll say it again: sublimely...



Most big manufacturers make a Kruspe clone (Holton, Conn, Hoyer etc) and this is Yamaha's version. It's a fine instrument, with highly airtight valves and so a superb high register (unlike the Holton and Conn offerings). It makes that BIG Hollywood sound. These horns are found at the top of the profession:  our own London Philharmonic Orchestra use them, and they're very popular with the LA session boys who do all the movies - Lord of the Rings etc.

This is a yellow brass, lacquered horn and it does have some superficial blemishes - not much at all and absolutely nothing to worry about in any sense. It plays superbly and we haven't reconditioned it yet! Once we have, it will play, sound and feel like new - or better.

Because of the slightly less than pristine cosmetic condition, it's keenly priced...


Early badged Alexander 103 - a very fine horn PDF Print E-mail

This is an early, but badged, 103 in unlacquered yellow brass with a screw bell. It will be supplied in a new, volcano-shaped, backpack style, hardshell case.

The horn is in excellent condition throughout and plays just beautifully.  I'll say it again: beautifully...


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