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Alexander 103 PDF Print E-mail

This is the classic 103:  yellow brass, fixed bell, lacquer.  It plays and sounds exactly as you'd expect - superbly. A very fine, rich and sophisticated sound is combined with awesome flexibility and security. Play one of these for 10 minutes and you'll understand why they're the horn of choice for many top professionals the world over.

This horn is in excellent general condition with just some superficial scratching and the odd, tiny dimple - hardly anything at all. In working and playing terms, condition is perfect.

This fine example of Alexander's classic, flagship full F/Bb double comes with our usual package: fully reconditioned, full 3-year guarantee, hard case.


Reynolds Contempora - classic big-belled Kruspe style F/Bb double PDF Print E-mail

These fine horns are a straightforward alternative to Conn's famous and hugely successful 8D. Both are copies of Kruspe's original patent (lodged 1897, I think) for the first ever F/Bb double horn. This wonderful design features a big bell (making that famous 'Hollywood' sound) and is usually made in nickel-silver, as is this lovely horn. There are a few very small surface imperfections - nothing much at all - and generally this horn is in very good condition. It comes with its original (very protective!) case, which is also in excellent condition.

These are surprisingly lightweight horns (lighter than most full doubles) and they're lovely to play: warm-sounding, smooth, nimble and comfortable. Although Contemporas are from the lower rungs of the professional ladder, they are professional horns and so are better value for money - and a better instrument - than most high quality intermediate or student horns. This is a pro horn for student money!


Paxman 20L - a very fine horn PDF Print E-mail

Paxman's famous, best-selling, flagship F/Bb full double with a large bell. This is a lovely, free-blowing, dark-sounding, top quality professional instrument in superb condition. There are some very slight cosmetic blemishes - hardly anything at all. The horn is unlacquered and comes with a screw bell. We will be supplying a brand new case with this horn.


Vintage 103 - ooh...! PDF Print E-mail

This is a lovely, classic, yellow brass, vintage 103 in very good condition. Lacquer is circa 90% intact, and pings and dings are minimal. No thinning of the brass anywhere I can find, and valve compression is excellent. Mechanical action on all 4 valves, and the original case - which comes with it - is also in excellent condition and fully functional.

Of course, the horn plays just beautifully: warm, ringing, fixed-in sound; exciting fizz when you want it; superb legato facility; fat, meaty low range and secure, notchy high register. It's a fantastic horn.

There's only a finite number of these left, and they get rarer every year...


Paxman Series II - wonderful "intermediate" horn... PDF Print E-mail

Unlike Paxman's later and similarly-named variants (ie, the Series III, IV and V) which are made in China(!) and the Studenti which was made in Italy, the Series II is a PROPER Paxman, actually handmade by Paxman in the UK.

The Series II is almost a Model 20:  it encorporates a Model 20 engine (all the horn except the bell) but with a spun bell, instead of a hand-hammered bell as is fitted to the Model 20. This is the only difference. So these fine horns play and feel almost exactly like a Model 20 - Paxman's best-selling professional model - and their sound is virtually the same, although their cost is less than half that of a comparable Model 20.

Arguably, the Series II is the best intermediate horn ever made and they are used by some professionals. (Not many professionals, because Paxman only made 1100 of these fine horns - but that's the only reason.)

This instrument is in excellent condition throughout. It comes fully reconditioned - so working and playing literally like new - and with a full 3-year guarantee and hard case.

These wonderful horns very rarely appear on the used market so, if this is what you're looking for, don't delay...



Paxman Model 20M with screw bell PDF Print E-mail


Newly arrived and currently in preparation is a very fine Paxman 20M with screw bell. It's an unlacquered, yellow brass horn with mechanical action on all 4 valves and engraved rotor caps. Condition is very good and of course it will come with our standard package: fully reconditioned (so literally playing like new), a full 3-year guarantee (only 2 years with a brand new one!), and hard case.

A picture will be uploaded in due course but used Paxmans sell very quickly so please make contact now if you're interested...


Holton H378 - high quality intermediate horn in fine order PDF Print E-mail

This is a very nice H378 - a fine intermediate F/Bb full double in excellent condition. It's got a few tiny cosmetic blemishes - hardly anything at all - and plays superbly, making a centred, European sound (it's got a medium bell).

It comes fully reconditioned and with our full 3-year guarantee, a hard case and a mouthpiece (if you want one).

This will be ideal for a serious improver or advanced amateur.


Engelbert Schmid medium historical size (28cm) hand-hammered bell flare PDF Print E-mail

This is just what the header says, and it's in as-new condition, although unlacquered.


Besson 701 - student compensating F/Bb double in lovely condition PDF Print E-mail

We don't normally advertise student horns on the website - although we always have a selection available, and sell them all the time - but this Besson is in such nice condition, and plays so well, I thought we'd make an exception.

It's a compensating F/Bb double - so beautifully lightweight for young hands - and is in virtually as-new condition. It's fitted with an adjustable little finger hook so you can get that all-important left hand grip dead right for little hands, and adjust it as the child grows - right into adulthood. So it's equally comfortable and playable for a fully grown adult. It comes with our usual package: fully reconditioned (so working and playing perfectly), full 3-year guarantee (you only get 1 year with a new one), hard case and a mouthpiece (if you want one?).

(And for those of you who may not know: compensating double horns are in no way inferior to full doubles. The two sides of the horn can be tuned independently (despite what many players believe), the sound is unaltered and the fingerings are identical. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want a fuller explanation.)

This is a lovely little starter horn and will delight some lucky young (or older) player...


Holton H276 - MerkerMatic: a really lovely, highly sophisticated F/Bb double PDF Print E-mail

Many would say that the MerkerMatic horns are the best in Holton's portfolio (except Barry Tuckwell, of course, who designed the Holton 'Tuckwell' (H104/105)!). Certainly, these fine horns are sophisticated and play absolutely beautifully. They're fitted with a dual bore system (email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want an explanation) and heavy rotor caps - the only horn manufactured with in-built 'ToneBlobs!'

The specimen on offer here is the Model H276. This features an ambronze bell and nickel-silver central tubing section and valve block. So it's a two-coloured horn and it looks stunningly beautiful, as well as playing stunningly well and sounding stunningly gorgeous. Condition is excellent, with just a couple of tiny cosmetic blemishes. It's got a large (detachable) bell, so makes that 'Hollywood' sound, and is also fitted with a Cleb strap for adjustable left hand security and ease of holding. Comes fully reconditioned and with our full 3-year guarantee, and its original Holton case (good, functional condition).

These horns are rare on the used market and, once you've played one, you'll understand why...


Conn 6D - high quality medium-belled intermediate full F/Bb double horn PDF Print E-mail

The 6D is Conn's intermediate medium-belled full F/Bb double. Aimed at the same market as Yamaha's 567 and Holton's H378, these are very nice, free-blowing horns which play beautifully - every bit as well as their competitors.

This example is in very good condition, with minimal lacquer wear (just the odd bit, in the usual places) and no other blemishes. An Alexander duck's foot/flipper is fitted.

Comes with our usual package: fully reconditioned and 'Wiltshired,' full 3-year guarantee and hard case (also a mouthpiece, if you want one?).

Would suit an advancing student - right up to conservatoire entry - or a serious amateur.


CF Schmidt Weimar - a truly fantastic horn PDF Print E-mail

There's been a resurgence of interest in this wonderful design over the last 20 years or so. Various companies have made horns with piston thumb valves - Conn, Yamaha and Wunderlich amongst them - but this is the real McCoy, an original CF Schmidt from Weimar. It's basically a Geyer style horn but with a piston thumb valve instead of a rotary thumb valve. Some horns of this design have been criticised for awkwardness in operating the thumb valve, but this one is very comfortable to hold and play. The immediacy of the piston valve gives wonderfully smooth slurs and articulation across the two horns: this is a very fine horn indeed, and it's in excellent condition throughout.

It plays absolutely superbly - I'll say it again: superbly! The sound is bright, warm and generous and compression on all 4 valves is awesome. (They've been replated using nickel - much better [and more expensive] than copper, and they've been expertly reseated. Truly, compression is like new and the valves are slick, silent and very fast.)

This is a top quality, professional horn from a bygone era, employing first class handmade craftsmanship and materials. It comes from a retiring professional player who used it as his main instrument. As such, it is eminently capable of longterm everyday use at the professional level.

Original CF Schmidts in such fine condition are very rare - so don't hang around...


Holton H378 - fine intermediate full F/Bb double - in very nice condition PDF Print E-mail

This is a very nice, free-blowing Holton H378 - a high quality intermediate horn - in great condition (a few tiny blemishes, but hardly anything at all). These are amongst the very best intermediate horns available - extremely well made, and lovely to play - and they're fitted with medium bells which are so popular in Europe.

Will suit an advanced amateur or a serious, pre-conservatoire student.

Comes with the original (very protective!) hard case, and our standard guarantee/recon package.

A really nice horn...


Lidl full double - a particularly good one... PDF Print E-mail

This is the standard Czech-made Lidl Brno full F/Bb double which so many of us learned on.

This one plays much better than most, and is in nice condition. It's an unlacquered horn with mechanical action on all 4 valves. Comes with our standard recon, guarantee and hard case package. A great first full double.


B&H 400 full double - excellent intermediate horn PDF Print E-mail

This is a particularly well made intermediate full double. B&H horns are made by a variety of manufacturers and - whoever this one was - they did a great job. It's got mechanical action on all 4 valves, and a nice coat of lacquer which is in very good order, as is the entire horn. No dents, hardly any missing lacquer or blemishes, and in very good overall condition. It's hardly been used.

The bell is a standard medium and the horn comes with our standard package: fully reconditioned and with a full 3-year guarantee, hard case and mouthpiece (if you want one).

Ideal for a someone going through the grades, or a keen amateur.


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