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JUPITER 852 - intermediate full F/Bb double in very good order PDF Print E-mail

These are good, solid intermediate/student full F/Bb doubles in the Geyer wrap - like a Paxman - and with medium bells. As such, this will make an excellent first F/Bb double for a kean improver or amateur. It plays and feels very like a Yamaha 567, but it's more sturdily built. All 4 valves have mechanical action and condition is excellent - virtually as-new - with just a couple of tiny blemishes. Lacquer is 99% intact. It's hardly been used at all. Comes with the original hard case, which is sturdy and also in excellent condition.

This is a nice, free-blowing horn making the well-centred, typical medium-bell sound favoured by so many teachers.


Pre-92 Hoyer Meister - very fine full F/Bb double PDF Print E-mail

I've waxed lyrical about these fine, handmade horns on many occasions.

This specimen is an unlacquered, yellow brass, fixed medium bell full F/Bb double. It's in superb condition throughout, and has mechanical linkages. It's just been fully reconditioned, and plays superbly. The F/Bb change valve function is reversible on these horns, and the instrument comes in its original hard case (which is nothing to write home about, but perfectly okay and in very good condition).

This is a fully professional instrument in great condition - no thinning of the metal, no linkage wear, wonderful valve compression and hardly any blemishes at all.

These early, 100% handmade Hoyers always sell quickly, so don't hang around...


Vintage 103, fully reconditioned... and lovely! PDF Print E-mail

This is exactly what the header says:  a vintage 103 - with all the warmth, wonderful feel and ease of playing which makes these superb horns so sought-after - but with a retrofit complete valve block. So that's the valves themselves, the valve chambers and the valve slide receptors.

We did this, not because the valve block was worn through high usage, but because it had undergone some truly terrible work which left the valves and their chambers damaged beyond repair. But now it's got the best of both worlds: the original bell and all tubing (except the valve slide receptors) - and this is in very good condition - but a late, highly airtight valve block. So it sounds and feels like a vintage 103, but plays like a new horn. It's truly lovely!

This is a very fine horn in superb condition, and in perfect playing order. It won't be here long...


Another 'PaxAnder' - early Alex 103 copy from Paxman PDF Print E-mail


These are extremely rare, so it's bizarre that we happen to have two currently.

This is a fine, 100% handmade Paxman copy of an Alexander 103. It comes from Paxman's Gerrard St days in Soho, as the engraving shows.

There are other, lesser 103 copies around - Gerhard Schneider, and even a Weltklang - but none like this. This is a top quality, professional instrument in very good condition. It's obviously been relacquered (or lacquered) fairly recently and it does look and feel beautiful. It's got some superficial dents (which we'll take out, obviously) and the thumb lever is currently in a very awkward position, which we'll also rectify during reconditioning.

It's extremely well made and plays superbly producing, a warm, Brahmsian sound. Condition is so good that it will function perfectly as an every-day horn, and at a much lower cost than a comparable Alexander 103.

It's a fine instrument, and a lovely thing.




Yamaha 663 - Kruspe style big-belled full F/Bb double PDF Print E-mail

These fine horns are very rare nowadays - they were only manufactured for 5 years (1975-80) and they were all snapped up quickly.  They're a repeat at the pro level of the 664 story: introduced to great acclaim but quickly replaced with an inferior, although still very fine, model - in this case the 668. So this is effectively a 'super-668' - it makes the same BIG Hollywood sound, but it's more solidly built and better engineered. I'd rather have this than a brand new 668 any day.

That said, these fine horns are not sought-after to the extent that they fetch silly prices: this is a high quality pro horn for student horn money. This one's got the usual minor cosmetic blemishes, but it's in perfect playing order.


Holton H378 - fine 'student' horn PDF Print E-mail

These are great horns. Towards the higher end of the student/intermediate echelon, they make wonderful first full doubles and will take an improver right up to conservatoire entry level or suit an advanced amateur.

This one's got the odd blemish but nothing at all significant or which in any way affects how it plays, sounds or feels. It's a good, medium-belled horn in perfect playing order. A competitor with Yamaha's model 567, but a good bit better.

These are popular horns, and not very common in the UK, so don't hang around...


Holton H378 - fine intermediate full F/Bb double PDF Print E-mail

This is Holton's answer to the Yamaha 567 - not another Geyer horn, but another high quality intermediate horn in the same price bracket.  They may look different because of their wraps, but they play and sound pretty much the same.  If anything, the Holton has the edge - it's as like the pro H178 model as the 567 is like the pro 667; but a H178 is a better horn than a 667 (Tuckwell made many of his recordings on 178s...).

So this is a great horn for an improver or serious amateur.  It's got a medium fixed bell and is made in lacquered yellow brass.  A good bit of lacquer has come off, and there are some scratches and blemishes. Nevertheless, as you can see in the pic, it's an attractive horn in nice condition. And all this stuff is cosmetic only in its effect, and doesn't affect how the horn sounds, feels or plays in any way.

It's a great horn, and plays really well.  Comes with a hard case, mouthpiece (if you want one?) and our usual full recon/'Wiltshiring'/3-year guarantee package - will make a wonderful Christmas present...!


Holton H178 in nice condition - F/Bb full double Kruspe style horn PDF Print E-mail

This is one of Holton's best-selling models - a Kruspe wrap full F/Bb double horn, with a medium bell.

These fine instruments are free-blowing and make a warm, yet bright and mellow, 'European' sound with an easy legato facility.

The horn comes in its original hard case which is nothing to write home about but perfectly functional and very protective.


Very nice early Paxman Bb/A(+)/Fext - an unusual horn PDF Print E-mail

One sees these increasingly rarely nowadays - an early, 100% handmade Paxman single Bb/A(+) horn with an in-built F extension.  Although this horn is around 60 years old, it's in great condition and plays superbly with a very fast, nimble valve action.  You can really whizz around on it!

It makes a beautiful, warm sound (the bell is larger than usual for a single of the time) and intonation is superb throughout.

It's an unlacquered yellow brass horn, so displays the usual raw brass patina. We've done extensive work on it, including valve reseating (they work like new) and reconditioning the action (4 x mechanical).

It comes in a standard modern Paxman case (obviously not the original) and is fitted with a holder for a duck's foot, although none is supplied.

This is a fine, handmade instrument eminently capable of daily use at the highest level.


Very nice early Paxman Model 20M PDF Print E-mail

These early, 100% handmade Paxmans are highly sought-after and, as soon as you play one, you know why...

This very fine horn is in super condition - the odd cosmetic blemish only - and the lacquer is remarkably intact at around 85%.

The horn comes in a standard black Paxman case, but with the original dusters, one of them showing Paxman's former Longacre address in Covent Garden!

Snap it up quick, before someone else does...


King Eroica - BIG-belled Kruspe style double PDF Print E-mail

Comparable in quality and sound to an 8D, these fine horns have faded from fashion somewhat and so nowadays represent excellent value for money - a professional instrument for student horn £££.  They were very popular in the 1970s and earlier, and many professional players used them.  Some still do today.

This horn has seen some use - there are some dings and scratches and a filled crack in the bell throat - but it plays beautifully already and we haven't done anything to it yet.  Valve compression is fine, and of course the horn will undergo our full recon process before sale.

These excellent instruments are every bit as good as most 8Ds, and much cheaper.

So don't hang around...



We don't get these very often at all - Paxman only made 1100 in total - and, when one comes along, it sells immediately.

The Series II is a Paxman Model 20M in all but the bell. It has a sheet metal bell instead of the hand-hammered bell standard on Paxman professional horns. That's the only difference:  everything apart from the 32 inch bell is a Model 20M. This clearly marks the Series II apart from all other intermediate horns. And they were all handmade...


Paxman Studenti "Super" - a very nice F/Bb compensator which plays extremely well PDF Print E-mail

We're all familiar with the Italian-made comps which so many of us learned on and which came under various names - Anborg, Danor, Amati, B&H, Rudall Carte, John Grey etc - and Paxman Studenti.  The only difference between these horns was their bell inscription.  They were clones apart from this.  We often sell them and they've very good for what they are.  I learned on one myself.

But this one is different. It's much better made than these horns usually are - even to the point of looking like the work of a different manufacturer - and it plays like a much more expensive instrument. It's a really good F/Bb comp. It's got the usual medium bell and it's in very good condition indeed. A few cosmetic pimples and that's it. Fully reconditioned - so working and playing like new, or better - it comes fully guaranteed for 3 years and with a hard case and mouthpiece (if you want one?).

If you're looking for a good comp worth the money, look no further...


Holton H188 BIG-belled Kruspe double in stunning condition PDF Print E-mail

Known by officianados as Holton's 'hidden treasure' - because few people know about them - the H188 is a Kruspe copy similar to their H179. But the H188 is intended to be as close as possible to a Conn 8D in design, the 8D being the Kruspe clone incarnate.

In truth, it does play very like an 8D and quite differently from a H179. It's a very fine, free-blowing horn which produces a BIG, dark, Hollywood sound. I love it!

The horn is in spectacular condition - truly the only blemish I can find is a small area of missing lacquer (about the size of a nickel) on the 3rd valve lever. You can see it in the pic above. But that's it!

This is a lovely, professional instrument for someone wanting to make that BIG LA sound.


Yamaha 567 - excellent intermediate horn - in super condition PDF Print E-mail

Arguably the best student (or intermediate) horn on the market, here we have another Yamaha 567.

This one's in spectacular condition - literally as-new with the exception of a couple of hardly visible blemishes. Valve compression is awesome (the horn's hardly been used at all), and it plays beautifully, of course. It's got the later, more advanced, open architecture 1st valve slide on the Bb horn. This is claimed by Yamaha to give a super-duper top Bb and certainly this note pops out of this horn a treat (as do all the others).

Despite their ubiquitousness, it's actually very difficult to get hold of a used 567 because they sell so quickly. Ditto new ones - even these can be hard to come by. (I once had a request to supply four 567s to an Asian orchestra and I couldn't find any at all, new or used!)

The horn comes with its original (black) hard case, also in as-new condition.

This is a lovely, free-blowing Geyer derivative full F/Bb double which will be ideal for a keen improver or an advanced amateur. I wish I'd had such a fine horn when I was doing the later grades...

(Sorry about the reflections in the pic - this is without flash. I tried it with flash but reflections were even worse. It's just so shiny...)


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