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You may recall you stopped me buying a student horn and sold me a Holton 280. It was remiss of me not to email you earlier to say a big thank you.

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Have you got a horn you don’t use? Maybe you’d like to sell it and raise some cash?

hornsAplenty will sell it for you free of charge - Yes! Free of Charge - read on...

If you're in the UK, we'll send you a box full of packing materials and instructions on how to pack you horn so that it will not be damaged in transit. We've got our act together with this and, we assure you, if you pack your horn according to our instructions and using our materials, it will not be damaged. When you've packed it, we'll have it collected and brought to our premises where it will be fully reconditioned and then sold - all free of charge.

Because of UK VAT legislation, we will pay you the banking day after your horn sells. When you initially speak with Alan Wiltshire, he will agree a price which you will be paid without any deductions - we don't deduct commission, or make workshop charges. We will sell your horn for a (modest!) profit which we will keep - this is our commission. So you will know exactly how much you will be paid for your horn before you even part with it.

Your horn will be fully insured at our expense from the moment our couriers collect it from you - effectively we'll be holding it in trust for you. And we've got secure, alarmed premises and a big dog who barks like mad at the least noise! Your horn will be safe with us. If you decide to withdraw your horn from sale before we've sold it, obviously we'll need to charge you for the reconditioning work we will have done to it, and the transit costs. But, unless you withdraw your horn from sale after we've reconditioned it, our service to sellers is completely and absolutely free of charge.

If you're overseas from the UK we can still sell your horn for you - we sell many horns for overseas customers - but obviously it isn't worthwhile us sending you a box full of packing materials. Alan Wiltshire will give you full instructions, including information about customs duties (which WE pay for you!), where applicable.

Whatever stage you're at - even if you're just thinking about selling your horn - please contact Alan Wiltshire (email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) who will help you all he can. Leave a phone number for him to call you back if possible. Alternatively, you may wish to phone him on +44 (0) 1594 719095