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Buy a ToneBlob now for £44.95

Choose your horn type from the drop down box and add to the cart. If you need more, then you can either update the quantities on the next page, or return here to add different horn types.

Please note that the Yamaha/Holton ToneBlob is currently unavailable. New supplies should be available early in 2013.

Payment is via PayPal but if you don't have an account you can still pay with a credit card.

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How do I buy one and how much are they?

Simple: click the 'Order yours NOW!!!' link below and fill in the order form. Your credit card details will be securely encrypted, so don’t worry about Internet fraud. Be sure to specify your make of horn and please include all personal details – name, address, phone numbers and email address.

Your ToneBlob will cost you £44-95 GBP – cheaper than a high quality mouthpiece - and it will last you a lifetime. ToneBlobs are super high-quality, precision-engineered performance-enhancing accessories. Furthermore, they are a one-purchase item. Your ToneBlob will be despatched immediately.

Special Offer

Buy a ToneBlob and get 30% off any 3 Absent Soloists CDs – that’s a saving of £31.45! Credit card orders can also be placed by telephone:. ToneBlobs are currently ONLY available from hornsAplenty and Paxmans.

What are you waiting for? Order yours NOW!!!