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What were your results?

They were spectacularly conclusive: both players could easily and immediately identify when a ToneBlob was acoustically attached to the horns they were playing because the effects were so beneficial. They got it right 100% of the time.

So the scientific journals were right: by introducing a localised, high mass damper into the approximate acoustical centre of the tubing – this is the area in which the ToneBlob has the greatest affect – the performance of a brass instrument is radically enhanced.

Isn’t this just the same as a heavy mouthpiece?

It’s the same principal, but the heavy mouthpiece localises the damping into completely the wrong part of the tubing, affecting only the very high notes – which is not much use – and tiring the embouchure much more quickly. Our ToneBlobs operate over the entire range of the instrument and one’s embouchure is unaffected.

What are the effects of this as experienced by the player?

The effects you will experience are:

  1. A bigger, fatter, warmer sound – the notes sound richer, and really want to sing
  2. The instrument speaks more readily, more controllably and with greater subtlety – so all kinds of note attacks become easier and work much better
  3. A greater sense of security and ‘notchiness’ – the horn feels more ‘solid’ and secure as you play in all registers, but particularly so in the high register
  4. A greater and easier dynamic range:

- it is much easier to play very quietly
- your sound will not break up and become ‘brassy’ so early in a crescendo when you play at louder dynamic levels