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Can the performance of a horn be enhanced?

The answer is a very definite YES!

Our ToneBlobs do exactly that. And they work so well that we have patented them for all brass instruments (Pat App No.6).

Here's what Jonathan Barrett - Principal Horn of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - says about them:

'I have used my ToneBlob for two months now in the orchestra and I can safely say that there is a marked difference in 'feel' and tone quality. The instrument actually does speak more readily in pianissimo - sometimes catching you out as you often have to sustain that dynamic which you have just 'ghosted' in on! The fortissimo is really 'locked down,' by which I mean the tone is much more stable, without the pitch-wandering and undesirable timbre that can occur at high dynamic levels. There also appears to be a 'sheen' to the sound in the fortissimo that replaces the 'blaring' sound common to that dynamic. A very inexpensive modification that anyone can make to their instrument with ease. I wouldn't go on stage now without mine. Fabulous!'

And here's what Tony Catterick - top London-based freelance player and Second Horn in the London Mozart Players - says about them:

I want to thoroughly endorse your ToneBlob concept. I tried one on my beloved Elkhart Conn 8D, with a certain amount of scepticism and took a risk and used it on the day of delivery, for a London Mozart Players Wind Sextet date that very same day, in a very difficult programme, including the Beethoven Wind Sextet. I was so pleasantly surprised at how focused the notes felt from before and the fast E flat arpeggios for the second horn in the first movement felt so much more centered and I felt quietly confident that it was all going to be alright !

I would be happy for you to use this recommendation for publicity if you want.

And what about Martin Bender, one of our Canadian professional colleagues from the Ottawa Chamber Orchestra:

The improvement on my nickel-silver New World Paxman was immediate, as well as significant. I equate the qualitative tonal enhancement to the fine focus control on a telescope: it brings an object into a sharper focus, and removes the last vestiges of blurriness from around the periphery of the image. Being a freelance horn player, I might be performing as a member of a big band playing Stan Kenton's 'Malaguena' one night, then playing in the back-up orchestra for "Il Divo" a few nights later, so the extra stability and accuracy provided by the dampening effect in the air column is a very desireable thing to have, particularly once the chops are feeling fatigued later in the evening.