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Original Kruspe F/Bb double from 1999 - a very fine horn in superb condition PDF Print E-mail

A rare horn:  this is an original Kruspe, but a late one - from 1999, during Kruspe's second manufacturing period.  Alas, they have closed again and this time forever, I'm told.  So there's only a finite number of these horns out there.

It's ironically just like an 8D - the most successful of its patented predecessor's copies - except that it's much better made.  Really well made, like an early handmade Paxman.  Indeed, if it were in the Geyer wrap it would be just like an early Paxman 20XL - a top quality, handmade instrument used in the London Symphony Orchestra during the 70s.  This horn is every bit as good.  It's got that solid, slightly heavy, 'expensive' feel to it...

This is an unlacquered (but shiny) nickel-silver horn.  Condition is excellent. There are a couple of tiny dings, but hardly anything at all - almost as-new condition.  Screw bell, volcano-shaped case (in black - also in good condition).

It's got a wicked little gadget, too:  a water key operated by the thumb.  Works a treat.  Never seen that before.

This is a very fine professional instrument for those who want to make that BIG Hollywood sound. Generally you guys would be thinking Elkhart 8D, Paxman 25A, Yamaha 668V, original Kruspe from the year dot...  Now, think original Kruspe from 1999...